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They are monitored and tested to confirm that they are free from a range of diseases common to poultry.

For them, the conducting of selective breeding programs and the developing breeding lines is highly specialised and resource intensive.Long-time neo-Nazi Harold Covington, revealing his own homophobia, put it this way: "[T]his movement has a distinct tendency to attract faggots because of the leather-macho image that the System Jew media imparts to the SS uniform." Today, life remains tough for the committed gay neo-Nazi.After a heterosexual neo-Nazi chat room called the "Racialist Club of America" expelled "practicing homosexuals" recently, one gay man wrote, "[W]e will never win this war as long as they [straight neo-Nazis] are considered the NORM of white pride groups." Another man, in considerably more despair, asked this question: "What does belonging to a group, who would kill you along with everyone else the second they found out what you were really, make you feel like?Take Pete Peters, a leading ideologue of the racist Christian Identity religion.The title of his 1993 book, leaves little to the imagination.

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