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“If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead,” Brazile wrote.

In NYC, ran into @donnabrazile and talked about her book.

È dubbio se ella abbia composto anche un'opera originale sull'astronomia, un Canone astronomico: la notizia di Suda — «scrisse un commentario a Diofanto, il Canone astronomico, un commentario alle Coniche di Apollonio» — non permette di comprendere se quel canone sia in realtà un commento a un'opera di Tolomeo, possibilmente quella già nota e citata dallo stesso padre Teone.

La mancanza di ogni suo scritto rende problematico stabilire il contributo effettivo da lei prodotto al progresso del sapere matematico e astronomico della scuola di Alessandria: a dire del Kline, quella scuola «possedeva l'insolita combinazione di interessi teorici e interessi pratici che doveva rivelarsi così feconda un migliaio di anni più tardi.

Analoghe difficoltà presenta la ricostruzione del pensiero filosofico di Ipazia.

Le fonti antiche le attribuiscono sicuramente un commentario a un'opera di Diofanto di Alessandria, che dovrebbe essere, secondo gli interpreti, l'Arithmetica, e un commentario alle Coniche di Apollonio di Perga.'In the afternoon I have to have soup and salad, usually a green soup. I love Italian food, especially Tutto il Giorno and Bar Pitti...'I started doing yoga when I was eighteen years old, so I started at a very young age. I love being on a mat; I love having a teacher; I love going inside, because I’m constantly outside.'But while Donna has learned to find the perfect balance when it comes to city living, she suggests the ability can only come with years of experience, something which she feels is reflected in the attitudes and lifestyles of the different age groups each of her lines is targeted at.Describing 'the Donna Karan woman' as someone who is constantly on the move, while working at an executive level position, Donna stresses that DKNY's customers tend to be more young, urban people who are 'constantly looking for jobs'.Even though our political views are polar opposite, we had a great conversation.Complimented her on her courage to out the DNC and #Crooked Hillary. (@Sheriff Clarke) November 8, 2017 She also writes that the Clinton campaign was overconfident, dysfunctional, and inspiring little enthusiasm among traditional Democrat constituency groups.

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Say what you want, more Dems should tell the truth. According to Tucker Carlson, CNN executives took exception to Brazile’s criticism of Team Clinton and wanted its coverage to reflect that.

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