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Salvation became a family affair revolving around a husband whose plural wives and children were sealed to him for eternity under the 'new and everlasting covenant'." [3] Polygamy thus bound together all of Mormon theology and cosmology, while simultaneously defining early Mormon sexuality and setting Mormons off as a "peculiar people" - a separate and elite community of believers and practicants.

He is the final boss of Fallout: New Vegas in three of four endings and one of the main antagonists of the game. Asking Caesar about him reveals that Lanius was a member of a tribe hostile to Caesar's Legion, the Hidebarks, and Lanius was the bloodthirsty champion of that tribe, sometimes ambushing entire groups of legionaries by himself.

Vulpes is more reserved, but criticizes his blunt methods and shows quiet celebration if Caesar is saved, thus preventing Lanius from becoming the new leader of the Legion for the time being.

Siri, a Legion slave, describes him as not "a man to be crossed - especially if you are a woman." When spoken to, Lanius is revealed to respect honor above everything.

] "The Abominable and Detestable Crime Against Nature": A Revised History of Homosexuality & Mormonism, 1840-1980 by Connell O'Donovan 1994, 2004 In this essay, I attempt to analyze how Mormon leaders have confronted and tried to eradicate first sodomy and later, homosexuality - and conversely, how Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Mormons have responded to their religion.

In doing so, it became apparent to me that Mormon women found that the intensity of female homosociality[1] available in Mormon structures created a vital space in which they could explore passionate, romantic relationships with each other.

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